NauticAWT's mission and vision

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Before we developed the vision, mission and key message themes, we first looked at Nautic’s and AWT’s origins and conducted employee interviews to identify key concepts associated with both brands.


Based on the interviews, we condensed the thinking into one key vision that will guide what our business should look like – now and for the future.

“To be the upstream technical expert of choice, creating innovative and optimised energy solutions that continuously set new benchmarks to maximise the potential of our clients’ assets.”


From the interviews and the direction-setting of the vision comes a mission statement that provides more structure to how we will achieve our vision.

“We bring together integrated technical expertise and the appropriate application of enabling technologies to provide innovative energy solutions to the toughest upstream challenges – onshore and offshore.

Our industry is a complex and rapidly evolving space. Each aspect of the asset development cycle is unique, and so are our solutions.

By bringing together extensive upstream consulting capabilities from inception to completion, and coupling that with specialised and robust operational expertise, we provide optimised energy solutions for complex problems. We innovate to solve challenges as the industry evolves.”

Core Values

  • Safety in all we do – regardless of location our people deserve to be safe and feel safe. We let nothing compromise our safety performance.
  • Respect the community and the environment – wherever we operate, we respect the diverse communities and environments and strive to achieve sustainable outcomes for all.
  • Our Strength is Our People – we value our people’s ability and diversity and will nurture their existing talents and encourage the development of new ones. The way we care for, grow and support our people is a key part of the NauticAWT culture.
  • We Seek Innovative Solutions – we encourage our people to continually expand their knowledge and experience and challenge themselves to constantly strive for the best solution. We are committed to excellence and this fosters innovation.
  • We are open, honest and collaborative – NauticAWT brings together people of multiple skill sets and backgrounds. We respect diversity and difference and are collaborative in our approach.
  • The Client is our focus – we develop trusting and open relationships with our clients and partners ensuring we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. By delivering outstanding results we build their business and our own.