Subsea Strengthening Services for Sarawak Shell Berhad

subsea strengthening at wellhead platform offshore Sarawak

NauticAWT has recently completed the provision of subsea strengthening method to repair corroded surface casings of wellheads at a platform offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Upon visual inspection of the platform 2 wells were found to be corroded and immediate measures were taken to arrest further corrosion and repair and strengthen the damaged structural casings.

NauticAWT used its proprietary NaX™ UHPC materials to grout the wellhead annulus, hereby effectively extending the service life of the conductors.

The NaX™ materials are composed of selected blends of silica sand and special high performance aggregates with an optimised grading. In combination with NauticAWT’s advanced binder technology based on nanotechnology, the NaX™ products have obtained unique performance qualities.

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