NauticAWT Completes Grouting of Pipeline Crossings and Freespans

grouting of pipeline crossings for MHSRDIII

NauticAWT has completed its grouting of pipeline crossings and freespans for Mumbai High South Redevelopment Phase III project (MHSRD-III). NauticAWT was awarded the contract by Kreutz Subsea Pte Ltd.

NauticAWT provided grout bags and grouting services for the installation of crossings and freespan pipeline support. The crossing support and grout bag installation work was carried out utilising a Kreuz Installer (KI).

The grouting team used NauticAWT’s range of high performance cement (HPC) NaX™ Q80. The HPC materials are designed to meet the special demands of very high and long-distance flows and rapid strength development reaching more than 50 MPa in 24 hours (at 25 deg C).

These special features allowed for the grout bags to be lifted and moved to other locations underwater much faster than if a conventional cementitious product had been applied.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and to client satisfaction.

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