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Grouting Services for PTSA Jacket Installation, Patricia Field

In August 2012, NauticAWT carried out grouting services for the installation of the PTSA Jacket located in the Patricia Field. The offshore grouting operations, including the provision of manpower, grouting...

Asia Subsea & Surface Facilities
Grouting of Jacket Legs for KNPG-B, Kinabalu Field

In December 2011 NauticAWT undertook the provision of grouting materials, supply and installation of equipment, manpower and grouting works for the Jacket leg annuli at KNPG-B Jacket Structure in the...

Asia Subsea & Surface Facilities
Well Integrity Services, BSP 2012 Campaign

Well Integrity Services – Corrosion Protection & Structural Strengthening of a 24” Conductor for MM-17 Well, Brunei The Client Brunei Shell Petroleum. The Scope To provide design and supply of...

Asia Subsea & Surface Facilities
Samarang SMDP-B Conductor Repair

In September 2012, NauticAWT worked together with PetroUsaha Engineering Services Sdn Bhd to undertake the inspection and structural reinstatement of 5 conductors for SMDP-B platform located at Samarang Oilfield, Labuan,...

Asia Subsea & Surface Facilities
Grouting of 8 Skirt Piles for Yetagun-C Platform

Skirt piles sleeves grouting with UHPC (Ultra High Performance Cementitious) material for Yetagun-C platform in Yetagun, Myanmar. The Client PetroUsaha Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (PU), in collaboration with NauticAWT, was...

Asia Subsea & Surface Facilities
Detailed Finite Element Analysis for Offshore Tower Strengthening

Detailed engineering design was carried out in 2011-2012 for structural strengthening of an offshore tower to accommodate additional loading caused by higher metocean criteria. The Client Woodside Energy Ltd. The Scope...

Australasia Subsea & Surface Facilities