Strengthening and Corrosion Protection of Structural Casing of Wells for Sarawak Shell

grouted conductors

NauticAWT has been contracted to carry out strengthening and corrosion protection of structural casing of wells for Sarawak Shell Berhad, off the coast of East Malaysian state Sarawak.

NauticAWT’s team of grout engineers carried out a visual inspection of the well conductors and structural casing and provided a comprehensive report outlining recommendations and remedial actions.

NauticAWT’s small footprint spread, consisting of concrete pump, grouting mixer and fresh water tank will be set-up on the main deck and the life extension work will be carried out by NauticAWT’s Brunei crew using NaX™ Ultra High Performance Cementitious (UHPC) materials, which have been developed for and is primarily used for subsea strengthening and repair applications.

NauticAWT manufactures its own High Performance grout at its facilities in Johor, Malaysia, marketed under the NaX™ trademark. To read more about the product range please click here.